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Provincial Executive subcommittees

Provincial Executive (P.E.) subcommittees act on decisions made at HEU conventions. They develop recommendations and act on issues referred to them by the P.E.

Each subcommittee includes five HEU rank-and-file members and two P.E. members. The subcommittees are co-chaired by a P.E. member and a rank-and-file member.

2013 applications for P.E. subcommittees:

The 13 P.E. subcommittees include Anti-privatization, Environment, Global Justice and Peace, Men's Issues, Occupational Health and Safety, Pensions, Political Action, Young Workers, and the facilities occupational subcommittees: Clerical, Patient Care (Nursing Team), Patient Care Technical, Support, and Trades and Maintenance.

Most people aren’t aware of the vital and diverse nature of HEU members’ work – in about 270 different job classifications – to provide patients, residents and clients with the best health care services possible under challenging circumstances.

That’s why in the fall of 2005, HEU launched the successful Our Work Matters! campaign to educate not only employers, politicians and the public, but also each other about the valuable contribution HEU members make to B.C.’s health care system every single day.

The seven occupational and sectoral conferences, which involved hundreds of HEU members, were followed by cross-occupational lobby teams meeting face-to-face with most provincial MLAs to carry the message further about their wide-ranging work.

HEU has five occupational job families in the facilities subsector: patient care, clerical, support, patient care technical, and trades and maintenance. (*In the 2006-2010 contract, the “technical” job family was created to include information systems, accounting supervisors, accountants, buyers, and medical records technicians. Due to numbers, some of these members attended the patient care technical or clerical conferences).

Bargaining preparations

In preparation for the 2010, 2012 and 2014 rounds of bargaining, HEU organized another series of sectoral and occupational bargaining conferences under the theme Our Work Matters!

These two-day conferences were an opportunity for members across the province to network, identify bargaining issues and priorities, and discuss issues specific to their occupational grouping.

The HEU Provincial Executive then submitted bargaining priorities from each occupational conference to the Facilities Bargaining Conference (formerly Wage Policy). This is in addition to bargaining demands submitted by locals.

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