This subcommittee disbanded in 2015. At the 2014 HEU biennial convention, delegates voted to combine the five Provincial Executive Occupational subcommittees - Clerical, Patient Care, Patient Care Technical, Support, and Trades and Maintenance - into one Occupational subcommittee.

To coincide with Canada's Professional Administrators' Day, HEU now celebrates our clerical team every April.

Clerical subcommittee mandate is to:

  • Initiate campaigns around clerical issues;
  • Build a bridge between clerical workers and the rest of the membership and promote a greater understanding of clerical workers within the membership and the public at-large;
  • Promote Clerical Team Appreciation Day;
  • Support the objectives and priorities of the HEU Strategic Directions document;
  • Support and promote priorities identified at the Occupational Conference; and
  • Reach out to the diversity of our members by linking with HEU’s Equity Caucuses.



PaperWork is the newsletter produced by HEU’s clerical subcommittee.

Clerical resources: