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Attention FHA members: flu outbreaks declared health hazard under Public Health Act

January 16, 2013
FHA Chief Medical Health Officer orders additional infection control measures for workers, volunteers and visitors to Fraser Health residential care and assisted living facilities

Under the provisions of B.C.’s Public Health Act, the Fraser Health Authority’s chief medical health officer has declared the current high level of influenza (flu) outbreaks a health hazard, enabling additional infection control measures to be put in place in residential care and assisted living facilities throughout the region.

Effective immediately, workers, volunteers and visitors going into FHA residential care and assisted living facilities will be required to wear a face mask while they are there unless they have had the annual flu vaccination.

This order applies to the Fraser Health Authority residential care and assisted living facilities only.

In the best interests of coworkers and residents, HEU members are advised to comply with these orders. And if workers are ill, they should stay home until they are feeling well again.

If issues arise out of the implementation of this order, HEU members should contact their shop steward or servicing representative.

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