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Day Four: Provincial Executive elections continue; delegates hear equity message

November 9, 2012

Convention delegates took much of Thursday to meet in regional caucuses to elect the rest of the Provincial Executive for the 2012-2014 term.

Twelve regional vice-presidents were elected: Lynnette Kingston and Jodi George (Fraser); Shelley Bridge, Barb Nederpel and Carol Kenzie (Interior); Bill McMullen and Barb Biley (Vancouver Island); Carol Connor and Judy Geeraert (North); Louella Vincent, John Fraser and Bev Trynchy (Vancouver Coastal).


“It’s time to put equity and solidarity into practice, and to do it with your heads, your hands, your feet and most of all your hearts,” was the key message guest speaker Winnie Ng brought to the convention floor.

A feminist, labour and anti-racist activist, Ng is the Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy at Ryerson University.

She saluted HEU for its commitment to equity issues, while encouraging her audience to make room for equity-seeking groups – to ask oneself when it’s time to step up, to step back, and to step aside so that others can have a chance.

Ng reminded delegates that equity does not mean treating everyone the same. Rather, it’s about recognizing the historic and systemic barriers that hold equity-seeking groups back.

“It’s about learning to walk together for the long haul, not just when we need bodies in order to show diversity or when community groups need us for resources,” said Ng.

“It’s about re-imagining what a just society, a fair workplace, an inclusive union, and a healthy community will look like, sound like and feel like.”


CEP 468 president Janine Brooker brought greetings from the union representing HEU staff.

“As part of our servicing assignments, we meet with members everyday in some extremely difficult and trying situations,” said Brooker.

“And although you have met and worked with many of us as servicing reps, we come to you with the support of many departments that work hard behind-the-scenes on your behalf, especially our essential and highly skilled support staff. We are honoured to work for you.

“CEP 468 has been there through your struggle, we have felt your pain, we stand beside you in your fight, and we will rejoice in your victory,” said Brooker. “We share your principled views and are proud to work for the greatest union in B.C. – that is HEU.”


During the evening banquet and awards ceremony Thursday evening, Sister Debbie Dyer, a nursing unit assistant at Royal Columbian, was awarded the Mary La Plante Sisterhood Award for her dedicated service to the union and her advocacy work within the community. Sister Mildred Thomas, a booking clerk at GF Strong, was received the HEU disAbility Rights Award for her involvement in promoting and defending the rights of people with disabilities.

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