Victor Elkins (candidate for President) (currently 1st Vice-President)

Victor Elkins

Sisters and Brothers,

Why am I running for the Provincial Executive and what can I bring to the union? 

I believe we need to have a leader who is diverse, resilient, confident and committed to the membership as a whole; a leader who is not afraid to step forward and fight for the best interests of the membership and our society. I believe I am that kind of leader. I bring a wealth of experience – not only within the labour movement, but the broader community. 

As you can see from my list of labour, community and political affiliations, my training is diverse. My experience extends beyond local borders to municipal, provincial, national and international experience. I have brought HEU issues from the local stage to the international stage. I’ve lobbied the provincial government to protect public health care; and national government on economic issues such as pension reform and changes to EI, social justice issues such as the gun registry, and women’s rights. On the international stage, I’ve marched for a tax on Wall Street to help support public health care and other important health initiatives. 

Local: PHSA Amalgamated  

Job Title:  Cardiac Perfusion Assistant

Work site: BC Children’s Hospital 

HEU member since: 1990 

Provincial Executive experience:  

  • 2006-2008 HEU 2nd Vice-President

  • 2008-2010 HEU 1st Vice-President

  • 2010-2012 HEU 1st Vice-President

Local experience: 

  • Chief Shop Steward

  • Shop Steward

  • OH&S Representative

  • Local Chair

  • Local Vice-Chair

  • Local Secretary-Treasurer

  • Local Treasurer

  • Local Trustee

  • Local Warden

  • Local Conductor

  • Picket Captain

  • Site Rep for C&W site – pre-PHSA merger

  • 2001-2004 Facilities Bargaining Committee Member; 2004-2006 Facilities Bargaining Committee – Chair

Other HEU committee/subcommittee work:

  • HEU - Pay Equity Committee

  • HEU - Political Action Committee

  • HEU - Global Justice Committee

  • HEU - Bill 29 Committee

  • HEU - Pink Triangle Committee 

  • HEU - Equal Opportunities Committee 

Other related experience:


  • Alternate – CUPE Political Action Committee

  • Member of CUPE HIV/AIDS working group/Advisory Committee

  • CLC Human Rights Committee Member

  • CLC Solidarity and Pride Working Group – Member

  • CLC Equity Vice-President – Executive Council


  • Past President of the Richmond/Steveston BC NDP Riding Association

  • Past Federal Financial Agent for Richmond NDP Riding 

  • Past BC NDP Campaign Manager for all three Richmond ridings for the last B.C. provincial election

  • Past President of the Vancouver Quadra Federal NDP 

  • Past Member-at-Large for the Vancouver Quadra Federal NDP

  • Currently – Vice-President for the Vancouver Quadra NDP

  • Past Candidate for the Federal NDP in the riding of Vancouver Quadra


  • Past Chair and co-founder of Multi-Union Pride Society

  • Trustee for the board of GLISA North America

  • Member of the Red Ribbon Advisory Committee (Positive Living BC)

  • Member of the B.C. Federation of Foster Parents Association

  • Member of the B.C. Aboriginal Foster Parents Association

  • Alumnus of the Governor General Leadership Conference 2008

Ian Maslin (candidate for President)

Ian MaslinWARNING: May cause changes!

Driven by passion and commitment, my goals are – unity within, dedication to the members, to uphold and deliver our constitution, and protection of our union from any attacks.

I go above and beyond for HEU because the struggles we face still remain.

Born in East London to working-class parents, I was a paramedic in London and a rep for Unison. I came to B.C. in 2001 as a single father with three sons. I joined HEU in 2003, and I am so proud to be a part of it.

I live in Agassiz, where I am an active member of Search and Rescue. I have a five-year-old daughter Emma and one grandson. My sons all work now. Being mom and dad has given me great challenges and great strength.

To be elected President of this great union is my passion. I am not afraid to say what I think and will defend the rights of our members like no one ever has. Benjamin Franklin said, “if passion drives you, let reason be the reins.” This is my reason, my choice, my goal – to lead from the front with total dedication to this union.

Local: Chilliwack Amalgamated

Job Title: Mental Health Assistant/LPN

Work site: Cedar Ridge

HEU member since: 2003

Provincial Executive experience: none

Local experience:

  • Local Secretary-Treasurer

  • LPN PRF Steward

Other HEU committee/subcommittee work:

  • Co-Chair – HEU Men’s subcommittee

Other related experience: I worked full-time on the BCNU raid, as an LPN organizer.

Ken Robinson (candidate for President) (re-elect)

Ken Robinson

Trust • Experience • Vision • Passion • Leadership

President since 2008, I am as committed as ever to strengthening HEU at all levels and to continue advancing our great union in today’s complex labour environment.

With the leadership, commitment, energy and compassion our members demand of their president, I have faced attacks on our union, from both outside and within our workplaces. We must always put HEU members first, ensuring they have the resources and best people available to serve them. Once again, I ask for your support to continue this difficult work on your behalf.

As President, I will continue to: 

  • Connect with all members, attending local meetings and participating in campaigns.
  • Work directly with local executives and shop stewards.
  • Encourage locals to access the $100,000 project fund.
  • Initiate electronic mailing – ensuring effective communication between locals.
  • Support equity groups, young workers and new leaders.
  • Represent all occupational groups with knowledge gained from over 25 years’ experience.
  • Build stronger relationships with CUPE National, B.C. Federation affiliates, political and community organizations.


A lifetime activist committed to social justice and equality, public health care and public services, and HEU members who are the heart and soul of our union. – VOTE Ken!  

Local: Kelowna

Job Title: HEU President

Work site: Kelowna General Hospital

HEU member since: 1988

Provincial Executive experience:

  • 6 terms: 1996 to 2000, 2004 to present

Local experience:

  • Chief Shop Steward

  • Shop Steward

  • Local Chair

  • Local Vice-Chair

  • Local Secretary-Treasurer

  • Local Trustee

  • Picket Captain

  • Bargaining Committee: 2008 to present

Other HEU committee/subcommittee work:

Served various terms as P.E. member on Anti-Privatization, Trades and Maintenance, Patient Care Technical subcommittees and Committee on Labour Relations.

Other related experience:

  • B.C. Fed Officer - 2008 to present

  • CUPE National Executive Board - 2008 to present

  • CUPE National Health Care Issues Committee - 2004 to 2006

Louella Vincent (candidate for President) (currently 2nd Vice-President)

Louella VincentMy vision for the work that needs to be done over the next two years:

  • Change the method of how we choose members to sit on subcommittees, national committees, work on campaigns and who goes to educational opportunities.
  • To ensure we have a course offered to members who want to become representatives for our locals so that members are better prepared for the annual work opportunities.
  • To go out into the public arena and be seen speaking up politically on topics that impact the members of HEU and their families.
  • I want to change the Act that allows unions to raid each other – we need to work together to make this happen.
  • I want to press the provinces to change the legislation that disallows people who are 65 or over to be covered by WorkSafeBC and LTD.
  • I want to make a difference in our members’ lives where they can work one job and be paid at a rate of pay that allows them to spend time with their families.

My passion is to make a difference every day for members. I have spent the last two years educating myself to be a leader and I am ready.

Local: WHR-LM

Job Title: Community Social Services Sector Worker

Work site: Choices

HEU member since: 1992

Provincial Executive experience:

  • Vancouver Regional Vice-President - 2 terms

  • Trustee - 1 term

  • 2nd Vice-President - 1 term

Local experience:

  • Chief Shop Steward

  • Shop Steward

  • OH&S Representative

  • Local Chair

  • Local Vice-Chair

  • Local Secretary-Treasurer

  • Local Trustee

  • Picket Captain

  • Bargaining Committee: 2004 Community Social Services Sector

Other HEU committee/subcommittee work:

  • Political Action subcommittee

  • Environment subcommittee

  • Living Wage committee

  • Men’s subcommittee (Co-chair)

  • HEU Committee on Labour Relations

  • Committee Member of Standing Appeal Panel for Charges, Trials & Penalties

Other related experience:

  • CUPE National Child Care committee

  • B.C. Fed Political Action committee

  • NDP National Women’s committee

  • NDP Environment committee

  • Partners in Health to Build a Better B.C.

  • Member of We Can Prevent Violence Against Women campaign

  • Stand Up for Seniors’ Care campaign

  • Community Social Services campaign

  • Mental Health campaign

  • United Way campaign

  • Executive member for my local MLA

  • Panel Member of Community-based Organizations - CUPE Saskatchewan