HEU locals

HEU locals are the cornerstone of the union's democratic structure, and a key communications link between the work site and the provincial union.

Every HEU member belongs to a union local, which is the front-line mechanism for dealing with grievances, workplace issues and grassroots campaigns.

Locals meet on a regular basis. Each year, local members elect their own executive officers – such as chairperson and secretary-treasurer. Members also elect – or their local executive appoints – shop stewards, and occupational health and safety representatives. 

Through their locals, members also elect delegates to attend HEU’s biennial convention, wage policy conferences, pre-bargaining conferences, and other provincial or regional membership meetings.

Local members draft policy resolutions, constitutional amendments and bargaining demands that are then discussed and voted on by HEU's province-wide membership.

And part of every “union-dues dollar” goes right back to locals in monthly “dues rebate” cheques to support activities, campaigns and events determined by each local’s membership.