Activism and Know Your Rights Workshops

Applications for this workshop are closed. Please check back later.

Union Activism

HEU members who are interested in becoming active in the union are invited to apply for this one-day Union Activism workshop.

The goals of the workshop are to introduce new activists to the union and union rights, and to encourage members to become involved in HEU.

Participants will learn about the history of HEU and the labour movement; the relevance of unions in today’s political climate; privatization and how HEU is defending public health and social services; equity and human rights in the union; and why union activism is important.

Know and Enforce Your Rights

This two-day intermediate course for shop stewards is offered to HEU members currently dealing with grievances and contract enforcement, who have already received a minimum of three days Shop Steward training, and have 12 months' experience of handling grievances.

The primary goals of this workshop are to build upon knowledge of the facilities, community health or community social services collective agreements, to foster confidence in enforcing collective agreement and members’ rights, to better understand the Duty to Accommodate and to practice skills for dealing with member-to-member conflict.