“Big 3” bargaining committees attend first meeting to prepare for contract negotiations with Sodexo, Aramark and Compass

Bargaining bulletin
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On May 2, the newly-elected bargaining committees for HEU members employed by Sodexo, Aramark and Compass attended a day-long meeting to prepare for upcoming negotiations with the “Big 3”.

Meeting for the first time since the March bargaining conference, the committees looked in more detail at the five key areas of concern identified by conference delegates - workload, health and safety, wages, benefits and pensions. Committee members took the opportunity to reinforce the importance of working and strategizing in solidarity across all three companies and work sites.

Members at the meeting also expressed strong support for housekeepers at MSA Hospital, who are currently negotiating with Sodexo for a transferagreement to the new Abbotsford P3 hospital. HEU is negotiating for members because Sodexo has a separate contract with the consortium hired to build and operate the new facility.

With the exception of a few smaller sites, the majority of contracts between HEU and Sodexo, Aramark and Compass expire on September 30, 2008.

The next union bargaining committee meeting is being scheduled for June, to continue the many preparations required before the committees meet with the employers.

Bargaining committee members for Aramark are: Nelly Venzuela, Dean Azudjali, Brenda Webster and Avelina Vasquez.

Bargaining committee members for Compass VIHA are: Samantha Biggins, Mike Harding, Mike McMahon, Palmi Orsi and Barbara Monz.

Bargaining committee members for Compass PHSA are: Carol Munson, Linh Van Nguyen and Jose Rodriguez.

Bargaining committee members for Sodexo FHA are: Sheelta Chand, Robert Schutte, Melissa Robinson, Joanne Bjornsson, Gurmeet Ghuman, Ken Scott, Jennifer Champagne, Monika Lal, Nonalyn Pascual and Mary Giesbrecht.

Bargaining committee members for Sodexo VCHA are: Paula Mann, Mandy Kular, John Fraser, Cora Mojica and Catalina Samson.