#16HEABC to table wage offer

Bargaining bulletin

Health employers are expected to finally table a compensation offer when bargaining resumes next week.

And after seven straight weeks of talks, HEU’s chief bargaining spokesperson says its time for health employers to pick up the pace at the bargaining table. “The bargaining committee has tabled a series of proposals that would improve health care and they’ve worked extremely hard to make the employer understand them,” says secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt.

“But as we enter week eight of bargaining, HEABC is standing by its demands for deep concessions to the collective agreement and have rejected our proposals like safe staffing levels in long-term care.”

Allnutt says it’s important to build momentum at the bargaining table next week with only four weeks remaining until the current contracts expire. He’ll be travelling throughout the province early next week to update local activists on bargaining and help them prepare for whatever actions are necessary to win a new agreement.

In other developments this week, representatives of groups advocating for seniors and the disabled endorsed union proposals for minimum staffing levels in long-term care. And activists from around the province carried out street theatre, workplace actions and rallies to bring attention to the unions’ bargaining proposals.

Spin of the week HEABC tells CBC Radio that union proposals for safe staffing levels won’t improve care — the answer is to make sure staff spend more time on the job by cutting vacation and injury-on-duty benefits.

Counterspin How will penalizing injured workers and taking vacation away from stressed out workers improve health care? It’s time to talk about real solutions.