#26 Weather cooperates as health care workers at Women’s and Children’s stage outdoor rally

Bargaining bulletin

Health care workers at Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Vancouver rallied for almost two hours outside the entrance to Children’s Hospital today. Workers dropped by during their lunch break or on their way to work and listened to speeches, zipper songs or had a hot dog or two.

The mood was festive, but health care workers at the site are serious about the strike vote they will be conducting at Women’s and Children’s Hospital tomorrow, March 15. They listened intently to HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt and president Fred Muzin report on what’s been happening at the bargaining table.

“The Health Employers Association of B.C. removed some of their concessions from the table after we called the strike vote,” said Allnutt. “We’re looking forward to some serious discussions on our proposals to improve the health care system — and certainly some movement on other employer concessions like cutting benefits to injured workers when we resume talks on Friday.”

Linda Carter from the B.C. Nurses’ Union brought solidarity greetings from the registered nurses and said it would be impossible to provide health care in B.C. without HEU members. That brought cheers from the crowd.

The strike vote for 60,000 workers around B.C. continues until the end of this week, with results to be announced on Monday, March 19.