#8 HEABC targets vacation

Bargaining bulletin

Employers expand on concession demands this week

Health employers want to slash your vacation to pay for any contract improvements for 60,000 community and facilities health services and support workers.

Under the employers’ plan to target vacations, a long-serving employee could lose up to 12 days annual vacation entitlement. HEABC says it would “red circle” vacation entitlements for those already at or above their proposed levels. Workers with 26 or more years of service would be cut back to 35 days of vacation.

Those with 18 to 26 years would receive 30 days vacation, 9 — 17 years get 25 days and those serving less than nine years receive 20 days.

“HEABC’s bargaining strategy represents a step backward in time” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. “The ghost of bargaining rounds past must be rattling its chain in the employers’ caucus room.”

Another spectre from the past is the employers’ plan to cut back injury-on-duty leave entitlements so that injured workers don’t collect more than net pay.

“When they stop hurting us we can have a discussion about injury-on-duty leave,” says Allnutt. “But this concession demand from HEABC shows just how out of touch they are with the expensive reality facing injured health care workers.”

HEABC is also proposing to completely gut the bumping provisions in the collective agreement.

Other concessions demanded by HEABC include: ? the employer right to cut hours by five hours a week without issuing a displacement notice; ? undermining posting provisions and the role of seniority in promotions; the employer right to approach employees for waivers on scheduling issues; and a requirement for casuals to state availability.

“The unions’ bargaining team is quite frankly disappointed with the lack of progress made this week,” says Allnutt.