Acciona bargaining for new contract reaches final stages

Bargaining bulletin
Bargaining Bulletins

It’s taken more than a year and a half to secure a new collective agreement with Acciona, but the end is finally in sight for HEU members employed by the Spanish multinational at Royal Jubilee Hospital.

When Acciona walked away from the bargaining table in June, 2014, HEU referred all issues to a mediation/arbitration process with Arbitrator Vince Ready.

Two months later, on August 14, Arbitrator Ready determined that the issues between the union and the employer were interpretive matters and would be dealt with through written submissions from both parties.

A timetable for receiving the submissions and responses was set and has now concluded.

As of October 8, Ready has received all information from both parties and is now preparing his final decision.

That decision is binding on both the union and the employer and will determine the terms and conditions of a new collective agreement – including workplace rights, wages and benefits – for the next two years.

Because arbitrators’ decisions are final and binding there will not be a ratification vote following Ready’s decision.

Once his decision has been made, HEU will hold a membership meeting to report on and discuss the results of the arbitrated settlement.

Please watch your local bulletin boards where the date, time and place for this important meeting will be posted.