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Bargaining bulletin
Bargaining Bulletins

Give your committee a strong strike mandate

Despite making progress on some key items, your committee is not satisfied with the progress of negotiations for your next contract with Sodexo.

A fair and reasonable wage increase along with health benefit improvements were two priorities that members identified for this round of bargaining. Sodexo’s latest offer fails to deliver on both. Your bargaining committee is now seeking a strike mandate from members. Here are just a few key examples of why we are taking this step.

On wages, Sodexo’s latest offer was zero in the first two years with no retroactive pay. This is followed by two per cent increases in both October 2014 and 2015 – barely 17 cents per year over four years.

Even worse is Sodexo’s proposal to create a two-tiered workforce. In retail foods, they want to freeze the wages for existing members and rollback wages for new hires by $2.25/hr.

Plus, casual and part-time employees must provide their availability for a three-month period, and face termination if they decline too many shifts. They would also not be guaranteed the ability to change their schedule after it is set.

Finally, members told us in last year’s bargaining survey that you wanted progress made on benefits in the next contract. We proposed an expansion of dental, sick pay and other health benefits. The employer’s counterproposal made little progress on these important areas.

We need a strong strike mandate, if we are to go back to the bargaining table to get the best deal we can from Sodexo.

Voting for both Sodexo and Aramark members will take place from Sept. 16-27. You may vote one time at any location. The voting schedule is now available here on our web site.

Why do we need a strike vote?

Taking a strike vote is about showing your collective support as union members for your bargaining demands in your fight for a fair contract.

Like other actions we have taken since bargaining began a year ago, it’s an important step we need to take as a union during negotiations.

Getting a strong strike mandate means the employer knows we are serious about taking job action to back our demands.