Bargaining begins for Just Care members at Kin Court South/Evergreen Heights

Bargaining bulletin

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Talks for a first collective agreement have started for 64 recently-certified HEU members employed by Just Care and working at

Kin Court South
and EvergreenHeights in New Westminster.

The Just Care employees provide care and support to residents as assisted-living workers and care aides.

On July 19 and August 22, when union bargaining committee members Shyki Tronrud, Rima Kleyn and HEU director of bargaining Susan Fisher met with Just Care management, many issues were clarified and significant progress made on non-monetary items.

Negotiations will resume on September 12 and 21. At that time, the bargaining committee expects that most of the non-monetary items will be concluded so that the parties can move on to settling wage and benefits improvements – areas that members have identified as very important.

For more information about bargaining, contact Susan Fisher at 604-240-7825.