Bargaining stalls for health care workers at Kensington, Parkwood Place and Parkwood Court in Victoria

Bargaining bulletin

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Bargaining for more than 115 HEU and 6 BC Nurses’ Union members providing support and care to residents at the Kensington, Parkwood Place and Parkwood Court in Victoria have stalled over monetary issues.

To date, the only movement has been on some minor non-monetary changes. The parties hit an impasse over benefit improvements and wage increases.

Retirement Residences – owner and operator of the facilities – has tabled wage increases that would leave the health care staff earning less than their counterparts doing the same or similar work at two other Retirement Residences’ facilities, Glenwarren (Victoria) and Whitecliff (south Surrey).

HEU bargaining spokesperson Bonnie Youngman says that this is an insult to the dedicated health care workers who support and care for seniors at the Kensington and Parkwood.

"The nurses, care aides and support workers are skilled, experienced professionals who are committed to the health and well-being of the residents," says Youngman.

"Retirement Residences is a successful corporation that enjoys substantial profits. Their staff are a big reason for their success and deserve recognition through fair wages and benefits."

The joint-union bargaining committee includes HEU members Kim Arne, Francis Gauthier and Patricia Saker, and BCNU member Barb Dunn.

No further talks have been scheduled at this time. Members should stay tuned for news about the status of bargaining.

The two unions have a poly-party certification at The Kensington and Parkwood Place (Parkwood Court). Their contract with Retirement Residences expired on July 1, 2006.

Retirement Residences Real Estate Income Trust (REIT) is a privately-held Canadian company and one of the largest corporate providers of seniors’ residential care in the country, with 17 facilities in British Columbia alone.