BC Fed demands justice for health care workers

Bargaining bulletin

With support of entire labour movement HEU can win its fight, says President Sinclair

The BC Federation of Labour is asking all of its affiliates and labour councils to take an active role in supporting health care workers in their fight to protect decent wages and working conditions in their collective agreement.

In a March 30 letter to BC Fed members, President Jim Sinclair said that HEU members now need the solidarity of the entire labour movement after turning out in record numbers to give their bargaining team an overwhelming 89 per cent strike mandate.

“In the coming weeks and months HEU members will need our support to achieve a fair collective agreement,” Sinclair wrote.

“While BC’s health employers are at the bargaining table seeking massive concessions from workers, the quality of patient care across our province continues to suffer?While health care administrators get record salaries, waiting lists across our province continue to grow. Privatization is not the answer. Nor is attacking the workers who provide the diversity of health services you and I, and our families depend on.”

Sinclair said that HEU members are engaged in various activities to fight back against the massive privatization of their jobs—and that, with the support of the entire BC labour movement, they can win.

“With your support we can restore some confidence and trust in BC’s ailing health care system,” he wrote.

“Let your Liberal MLA know what you think about their contract ripping and disastrous vision for healthcare. Let HEU members know they have your support. Please let your communities know that the labour movement stands in solidarity with HEU members in their fight for a better health care system.” -30- April 2, 2004