BCGEU president calls for sector-wide support of health care workers

Bargaining bulletin

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Visible support crucial in the event of a strike, says George Heyman

The BC Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) is calling on all its members to show their support for health care workers as they reach a critical point in contract negotiations.

President George Heyman, in a memo to all cross-component committee chairs, staff and regional coordinators, said that the 43,000 workers from the Hospital Employees’ Union and ten other unions in the bargaining association need the full support of the labour movement.

“Our health facilities bargaining team has worked tirelessly to achieve a fair collective agreement despite deplorable and unprecedented concession demands,” wrote Heyman.

“It’s critical that BCGEU members show support for our BCGEU sisters and brothers in the health facilities sub-sector, as well as to workers in the HEU, the IUOE, and other unions in the sector.”

Heyman added that the union’s support “needs to be visible — to our members, to hospital workers in other unions, to communities struggling under the Campbell Liberals’ attacks on health care, and to the provincial government.”

Like other union leaders who have spoken out in recent weeks, the BCGEU president urged his members to write to their Liberal MLAs and ask them to ensure fair treatment at the bargaining table.

“In the event that a strike begins, we need to be prepared to show support,” Heyman concluded. “Facilities workers across the province will know and appreciate the impact of our support and solidarity.”