Big 3 Bargaining: Aramark bargaining committee completes first days of talks

HEU bargaining representatives work to set first meeting dates with Compass Group and Sodexo
Bargaining bulletin
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The bargaining committee for HEU members employed by Aramark in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority met for their first two days of talks on August 25 and 26.

The committee and the employer agreed to begin negotiations with a discussion of solutions to occupational health and safety issues. These include workload, incident reporting, and OH&S committee structures.

Following the OH&S talks, the bargaining committee will move next to negotiations on specific non-monetary elements in the collective agreement that need to be improved.

The next meeting dates with Aramark are set for September 8 and 9.

HEU bargaining representatives continue to work to set meeting dates with Compass Group and Sodexo.

Other bargaining news for members employed by Sodexo, Aramark and Compass

The bargaining committees for Sodexo, Aramark and Compass held several meetings throughout the summer to discuss and compare experiences and positions on issues such as benefits, pensions, OH&S protections, seniority and wages.

The committees also conducted workplace visits to approximately 45 different sites around the Lower Mainland, on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

The bargaining committees spoke to HEU members employed by the Big 3 about the Living Wage Campaign, as well as contract issues such as job posting language and seniority rights.

The bargaining committees will continue their site visits during upcoming meetings in the fall.

Big 3 bargaining committee members

Bargaining committee members were elected in March by delegates at the Big 3 bargaining conference. They represent HEU members at 75 different sites in the Lower Mainland, from Pemberton to Chilliwack, on Southern Vancouver Island, and the Sunshine Coast.

There are a total of 12 separate collective agreements between HEU and the Big 3. In some cases, members who have the same employer, but different agreements, are meeting at one table. Committee members and alternates are listed below, according to employer and health authority.

Aramark VCHA:
Nelly Venzuela, Dean Azudjali, Brenda Webster and Avelina Vasquez.

Compass VIHA:
Samantha Biggins, Linda Pfan, Mike McMahon, Palmi Orsi and Barbara Monz.

Compass PHSA:
Felinor Adriano, Linh Van Nguyen and Jose Rodriguez.

Sodexo FHA:
Sheelta Chand, Melissa Robinson, Ken Scott, Betty Gower and Patricia Peardon.

Sodexo Central Care (Vancouver Island):
Robert Schutte.

Sodexo Foyer Maillard (Coquitlam):
Joanne Bjornsson and Gurmeet Ghuman.

Sodexo German Canadian (Vancouver):
Monika Lal and Nonalyn Pascual.

Sodexo Shannon Oaks (Vancouver):
Nina Bartolome and Alvin Chand.

Sodexo VCHA:
Paula Mann, Mandy Kular, John Fraser, Cora Mojica and Catalina Samson.