Committees present health and safety and other non-monetary proposals to Compass, Sodexo and Aramark

Health and safety issues such as injury rates, safe return to work program, supplies shortages and workload remain the focus of non-monetary discussions with the three contractors
Bargaining bulletin

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In October, HEU’s Big 3 bargaining committees presented the union’s non-monetary proposals during several days of meetings at separate bargaining tables with Sodexo, Aramark and Compass. These proposals include collective agreement solutions to deal with the issues raised by members at this spring’s bargaining conference.

The proposed solutions involve better contract language in areas of injury prevention, short-staffing, training, joint occupational health and safety committees, as well as shortages of cleaning supplies and protective equipment such as gloves.

The bargaining committees have also put forward the issue of employment security, which protects workers’ seniority and experience if commercial contracts held by one company are flipped to another. Both Compass and Aramark have so far rejected any proposals related to employment security, while Sodexo has not yet responded.

In addition, both Compass and Aramark have proposed collective agreement language that takes away current rights related to members’ access to shop steward representation and the grievance process.

The union bargaining teams are committed to defending and improving members’ rights, as well as working to find solutions to the important issues that members raised at the bargaining conference. As a result, they are taking the time needed to address the issues that members have said matter most.

More information on talks with each of the contractors is listed below.


The bargaining committees for Compass PHSA (B.C. Cancer Agency, Children’s and Women’s Hospital and SunnyhillHospital) and Compass VIHA (Vancouver Island locations) have each completed two full days of talks with the contractor.

Nine more days are scheduled before the end of November. They will be split between the two groups.

HEU’s bargaining committee and Compass representatives have both presented all their non-monetary proposals.

To date, the discussion has focused primarily on expanded seniority rights, employment security, and occupational health and safety issues, such as workload, injury rates, short-staffing, supplies and protective equipment like gloves.

Compass PHSA bargaining committee members are Jose Rodriguez, Linh Van Nguyen and Felinor Adriano. Committee alternates are Kalvinder Phull and Sonia Attia.

Compass VIHA bargaining committee members and alternates are Samantha Biggins, Mike McMahon, Palmi Orsi and Linda Pfan. Committee alternates are Barb Monz and Fred Gibbard.

The HEU bargaining representative is David Durning.


Committee members have met with Aramark for a total of eight days throughout September and October. Both sides have now presented all their non-monetary proposals.

Aramark was only able to commit to upcoming dates on November 17 and 18, and January 14 and 15.

Aramark bargaining committee members are Avelina Vaquez, Nelly (Nunilla) Venzuela, Dean (Darwish) Azudjali and Brenda Webster. The bargaining committee alternate is Pedro Mejia.

The HEU bargaining representative is Noel Gulbransen.


The Sodexo bargaining committees met for five days in the final two weeks of October. The union has presented all non-monetary proposals. Sodexo has no non-monetary collective agreement issues. During those five days, the two parties also clarified specific issues of interpretation for existing collective agreement language.

Ten more days of talks are scheduled from now until November 29. The dates for bargaining are shared between the German Canadian, Central Care, Foyer Maillard, FHA and VCHA tables.

HEU was recently informed that the commercial contract between Sodexo and the Fraser Health Authority has been extended until August 29, 2009.

FHA Sodexo bargaining committee members are Melissa Robinson, Ken Scott, Sheelta Chand, Betty Gower and Patricia Peardon. Committee alternates are Satya Prasad and Louise Bellamy.

VCHA Sodexo bargaining committee members are Cora Mojica, John Fraser, Paula Mann and Mandy Kular. Committee alternates are Barbara Werk, Shelley Prasad and Catalina Samson.

German Canadian Sodexo bargaining committee members are Monika Lal and Nonalyn Pascual.

Central Care Sodexo bargaining committee members are Robert Schutte and alternate Kelly Edmuston.

Foyer Maillard Sodexo bargaining committee members are Gurmeet Ghuman and Lovely Ghuman.

The HEU bargaining representative is Susan Fisher.