Community health, community social services votes to take place mid-April

Bargaining bulletin

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PE reviews tentative agreements next week

Nearly 3,000 HEU members working in community health and community social services will be voting on new collective agreements by mid-April.

A tentative agreement was reached covering community social services workers on March 31 – just hours before a government deadline for receiving signing bonuses. Community health settled on March 15.

Later this week, the union’s provincial bargaining committee will review the terms of both contracts and make a recommendation to the Provincial Executive.

Comprehensive reports on both tentative agreements will be distributed to community locals next week after the PE meets to review the terms of the contracts.

Both agreements were settled in time to qualify for early signing bonuses offered by government. These bonuses amount to $4200 for full-time workers – pro-rated for part-time and casual workers – the same level as was negotiated for 35,000 HEU members working in hospitals and long-term care.

Other details of the two agreements can be found in bargaining bulletins on the union web page at