Community health comprehensive report

Bargaining bulletin
Community health tentative agreement includes concrete gains on pay, working conditions

Provincial Executive recommends that members vote “yes” to ratification

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THE COMMUNITY HEALTH SUBSECTOR tentative agreement, reached March 26, includes gains on priority issues such as pay increases and employment security and contracting out protections as well as measures to improve health and safety, and pay adjustments and expanded job mobility opportunities for wage-protected employees.

The Hospital Employees’ Union Provincial Executive and Provincial Bargaining Committees are recommending that the union’s 1,500 members in the community health sector vote yes in ratification votes that will take place throughout the last half of April.

HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy says the new community health contract provides important gains for workers including the implementation of the long-delayed pension plan along with solid wage adjustments.

“Community health workers are key to the kind of health reforms that are required to make medicare stronger,” says Darcy.

“This agreement will provide additional stability and security in the sector and provides our members with a measure of recognition for their role on the health care team.”