Community health talks continue

Bargaining bulletin
Bargaining Bulletins

The Community Bargaining Association (CBA) met with HEABC over the past two weeks to exchange and discuss a number of proposals.  

So far, the multi-union bargaining association has been at the table for four weeks and are now taking a two-week break to review the proposals and prepare for two weeks of bargaining at the end of March.

The CBA tabled proposals on workplace conditions, job security, union leave for activists, more information to be included on paystubs, improved access to training, provisions to clarify job sharing and improved access to special leave. They also held productive discussions on scheduling and a subcommittee was established. The employer tabled proposals on the grievance and arbitration provisions.

The union and the employer have agreed to some housekeeping items. 

The discussions on scheduling continued this week and will resume on March 19, when the parties return to the bargaining table for another two weeks. Additional dates are set for the last two weeks in April. 

The CBA also spent some time discussing the government’s planned intervention into the teachers’ dispute and the teachers’ planned job action. All the unions expressed solidarity and support for the BCTF.

 Led by the BC Government and Service Employees’ Union, the CBA represents about 14,000 health care workers – including members of HEU, UFCW, CUPE, HSA and USWA – in a sector that provides services and support to clients with addictions and mental health issues, senior citizens and people with disabilities.