Community health unions table wage package

Bargaining bulletin
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Contract talks for 13,000 workers in the community health sector are focused this week on compensation issues as the unions outlined their plan for a fair pay boost along with measures to make up for lost ground.

Meanwhile, employers countered with an opening offer of a wage increase that fails to keep pace with inflation.

The package tabled by the union bargaining association includes the following increases in a three year contract:

  • Year 1: effective April 1, 2006 a three per cent general wage increase, plus restoration of the wage roll back implemented in 2004 which amounts to a 4.21 per cent boost, and a $3,700 signing bonus on pro rata basis.
  • Year 2: effective April 1, 2007 a 3.5 per cent general wage increase plus three per cent for comparability to eliminate the significant wage gap with health facilities.
  • Year 3: effective April 1, 2008 a 3.5 per cent wage increase or the cost of living whichever is greater, and three per cent for comparability.

In addition, community health unions are proposing the reclassification of a number of positions including LPN supervisors, practical nursing care workers, schedulers, and audiometric technicians.

The Health Employers Association of BC also tabled its first compensation offer – 1.5 per cent in each of a four–year deal plus a $3,700 bonus.

The unions say that the employers’ pay package doesn’t measure up because the offer doesn’t even meet the projected rate of inflation.