Community members asked to stay in touch as important talks take place

Bargaining bulletin

Important discussions are going on with health employers in community health. Community members are asked to stay in touch as developments may move quickly. Last week, community health employers, represented by the Health Employers Association of B.C., tabled an enormous shopping list of concession demands including:

- a 17 per cent wage rollback - no wage protection - a claw-back of the three per cent facilities wage comparability fund - 50-50 cost-sharing of benefits premiums - a significant decrease in benefits coverage - cuts in vacation entitlement - a six-day rollback of sick pay entitlement - a 25 per cent cut in short-term sick benefits

The Association of Unions in Community Health tabled proposals which include:

- an extensive employment security proposal - improvements to health and welfare benefits - home support hours of work language - improved health and safety clauses

About 1,500 HEU members are covered by the talks, which also include members of the BCGEU — the largest union, UFCW Local 1518, and other unions.

To keep in touch with community health bargaining developments, sign up for HEU’s electronic bargaining bulletins on the union’s website at , phone the bargaining hotline at toll-free 1-800-663-5813 extensions 1515 and 1516 or in the Lower Mainland at 604-739-1515 or 604-739-1516, and talk with your local executive.