Community Social Services employers scuttle chance of early contract

Bargaining bulletin
Bargaining Bulletins

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Talks initiated by the Community Social Services Employers’ Association (CSSEA), aimed at reaching an early collective agreement, have ended without a deal.

The Community Social Services Bargaining Association (CSSBA), representing 10 unions in the sector, reports that the employer tabled a proposal package that failed to address any of the unions’ concerns.

Specifically, the bargaining committee says employers did not offer any improvements to wages, sick leave, transportation allowance (mileage) or any other identified priorities, and they refused to continue current language on employment security and protection from contracting services between employers.

The committee says employers also failed to offer any significant improvements in collective agreement language, including job selection. They had also put forward a complicated scheme in which they would keep a percentage of funding from workers who decline enrolment in the Municipal Pension Plan.

Although some progress was made on language to address bullying and harassment, employers demanded that agency executive directors be shielded from harassment complaints.

In summary, the bargaining committee says CSSBA’s comprehensive and focused package of proposals did not meet with any meaningful response from employers, who repeatedly stated they “lacked the capacity” to respond. CSSBA unions will meet in the New Year to determine next steps.

In the meantime, HEU is encouraging members throughout the sector to visit our website, attend meetings, circulate updates as they become available, and stay in touch with their local executives.