Community social services members to receive overdue raises soon

Bargaining bulletin

HEU activists' public/political pressure motivated CSSEA to complete costings, allowing implemention of negotiated wage and other monetary increases HEU community social services activists' recent efforts to pressure employers to implement overdue wage increases and other benefit improvements appear to be paying off. The Community Social Services Employersí Association has finally finished the costings for most agencies and Treasury Board met this week to approve the release of funds. According to CSSEA's January 24 newsletter, "The timing of receiving the first payment will depend on how quickly agencies sign and return the copies of the Compensation Increase Agreement. Assuming this is done quickly, the Ministry [of Children and Families] intends to have cheques delivered to allow sufficient time for the RRSP portion of the settlement to go to the RRSP provider before the end of the 1999 contribution period (February 29, 2000)." However, this will only happen if agencies finish up their end of the paperwork quickly. "It's good news that government and CSSEA have finally overcome their problems. And our community social services members can be proud of the part they played moving this situation forward," says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt. "Their political lobbying and public demonstrations drew attention to a flawed funding process that unfairly places the burden of delayed payment of wage and other monetary increases on workers rather than on employers where it belongs." "It's now up to the individual agencies to complete their paperwork so our members get their money."