Community social services talks now include new certifications - #23

Bargaining bulletin

But union, employers still differ on terms of inclusion

Since the onset of bargaining, HEU has maintained that its community social services locals certified after April 1, 1998 should be included in the sector’s current, province-wide negotiations as full partners at the main table—and now the union and the Community Social Services Employers’ Association (the employers’ bargaining agent) have agreed to that. However, the two parties disagree on the terms of inclusion.

CSSEA’s position calls for new certifications to be dealt with separately after the main table bargaining is completed, using the resulting collective agreement as a basis for those contracts. The employers’ bargaining agent wants a process under which the union, the local employer and CSSEA will meet and determine common language. For monetary issues, CSSEA proposes a two per cent wage increase retroactive to each local’s certification date plus the standard collective agreement’s wages and benefits entitlements effective six months after the implementation date agreed to in the standard.

HEU calls for automatic application of the standard agreement’s language articles and full entitlement to improvements in wages and benefits with no waiting period. Any benefits and conditions superior to those in the negotiated settlement would be maintained.

Main table community social services negotiations are in the latter stages with all language issues agreed to and the conclusion of a comprehensive monetary package expected in the near future.

HEU bargaining committee members and representatives from the new certifications will meet at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 18 for a briefing on negotiations. Specific questions may be directed to HEU representative Bob Wilson at cell 250-920-9091.