Compass VIHA bargaining committee rejects employer’s wage offer

Union schedules strike votes for next week
Bargaining bulletin

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HEU’s Compass VIHA bargaining committee has rejected a monetary offer from the corporation - tabled during LRB-mediated talks on October 2 - that is identical to the wages paid under the former IWA’s voluntary recognition agreement.

Strike votes are now being scheduled for next week.

At HEU’s 25th biennial convention Wednesday in Richmond, secretary-business manager Judy Darcy told more than 500 delegates that Compass members have the support of every delegate in the room and every member across the province.

“Wake up and smell the coffee Compass,” she said. “You’re going to have to do a lot better than that. We expect an offer on the table that matches the kind of wages we’ve negotiated with your competitors – Aramark and Sodexho.”

In almost six months of negotiations, the bargaining committee says it has consistently had to push Compass to stop stalling, come to the table and engage in meaningful talks.

“Our Compass VIHA members are absolutely fed up with this employer’s lack of commitment, and lack of respect for the collective bargaining process,” says union spokesperson Heather Compton.

“That’s why they will be seizing the opportunity to send Compass a strong message in next week’s strike votes, which will be held in Duncan, Nanaimo and Victoria,” she says.

Members are asked to watch their worksite bulletin boards for a Notice of Poll, which will post vote times and locations.

Compass VIHA Bargaining Committee:

  • Angie Charpentier (Food Services), Royal Jubilee Hospital
  • Jamie Eggar (Food Services), Victoria General Hospital
  • Tammi Grantham (Housekeeping), Mount Tolmie Hospital
  • John Lyon (Housekeeping), Cowichan District Regional Hospital
  • Heather Compton, HEU bargaining spokesperson