Contract negotiations stall at the Community Social Services bargaining table

Bargaining team says employers have dropped the ball
Bargaining bulletin

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Contract talks resumed in the community social services sector this week, but quickly stalled.

In the absence of any meaningful progress that could lead to a fair agreement, the Community Social Services Bargaining Association has told the employer it is time to pursue essential services discussions.

The bargaining team says that although there has been some movement on minor issues since negotiations began last October, “efforts to secure any real gains for our members have not materialized.”

B.C.’s 15,000 unionized community social services workers are among the lowest paid employees in the public sector. During the last two rounds of bargaining, members have experienced substantial cuts in compensation and benefits, including sick time and long term disability.

Without any real improvements to the current contract, CSSBA says the sector will continue to suffer serious retention and recruitment problems.

“We have a very clear mandate from our members,” says HEU’s bargaining spokesperson Bob Wilson. “They want real improvement on a number of issues.”

The bargaining team is ready to resume negotiations on October 26.

Members are asked to keep in touch with their local executives and watch the union website for further updates.