CSS bargaining resumes, strike vote preparations underway

Bargaining bulletin

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Bargaining has now resumed. Your Union Bargaining Association (UBA) remains hopeful that we can bring negotiations to a satisfactory resolution by the March 31 deadline.

However, the UBA has decided to begin preparations to take a strike vote beginning in early April, should we be unable to reach a settlement by the end of this month.

There are 13 partner unions in the UBA. In the event a strike vote is deemed necessary, each union will conduct the vote individually with their members, according to their own bylaws. Results will be jointly announced.

The UBA stepped away from the bargaining table last Friday. We told the employers we would not consider returning until CSSEA was prepared to bring proposals to the table that substantially address our members' key demands.

Priority issues remaining on the table include job security, wages, and benefits.

The UBA is committed to doing all we can to restore rights and provisions that were slashed from the collective agreement by government and employers, under the threat of retendering all service contracts in the sector.

We are making every effort possible to achieve a settlement by March 31.

Members will continue to be advised as events unfold. Please check our UBA website regularly at: www.respectbc.ca