Day 6: HEU members stand their ground as thousands more join protest lines

Bargaining bulletin

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As thousands of CUPE members begin setting up pickets at public institutions across the province, HEU is telling its members to maintain and respect protest lines at hospitals and long-term care facilities.

The union is now studying an early morning decision by the Labour Relations Board ruling in favour of the Health Employers Association of B.C’s application to stop HEU’s protest lines.

“The support from CUPE and other unions, the community, and workers in both the private and public sector is truly inspiring,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt, who is commending HEU members for their courage in standing up and exercising their right to protest Bill 37 — which imposes huge wage rollbacks and allows employers to continue firing health care workers.

Allnutt condemns the Campbell government for refusing to respect workers’ basic rights saying, “what the government has done with this vindictive piece of legislation is fundamentally wrong. And British Columbians know it.”

“We are urging government to rethink this latest legislative assault on health care workers and we are urging employers not to act on the LRB ruling.”

The union will continue to issue updates throughout the day as more information becomes available. Members are encouraged to call the bargaining hot-line and stay in touch with their local executives.