Five out of six certifications support Sodexo deal

Details on retro confirmed
Bargaining bulletin
Bargaining Bulletins

More than 1,200 HEU members working for Sodexo in five of six certifications approved a deal for a four-year contract. Support for the agreement ranged between 72 to 94 per cent for the five certifications.

Only one certification covering approximately 50 HEU members at a single site – Shannon Oaks – did not receive majority support. The HEU-Sodexo Shannon Oaks bargaining committee is considering next steps.

For all members that ratified the new deal, the agreement includes a one dollar an hour increase over the lifetime of the contract plus significant health benefit improvements for members and their families during the term.

Taking place immediately, wages will rise to $15.35 per hour and retroactive pay of 20 cents per hour effective Oct. 1, 2012 will be paid out to all qualifying members. Sodexo has confirmed that retro pay will be paid on the November 15 pay statements and all hourly wage increases will also be fully implemented.

Most benefit changes will be effective March 1, 2014, including the new prescription drug card to purchase medication covered by BC PharmaCare. Only orthodontic coverage will be added later on Sept. 1, 2016 to the plan.

More detailed information will be provided with respect to the drug plan changes and other benefit improvements.

Casual and part-time regular changes to call in

There are also important changes coming to casual call in procedures and entitlement.

For casual and part-time regular employees who are registered for casual work, there are now clear expectations, rights and responsibilities to be available for work, to decline work and to be scheduled for work.

At the same time, these changes provide the employer with a specified period of time within which they can expect casual employees to respond to calls to work.

Voting results

The results for the Sodexo contract ratification vote by certification are:

  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority sites - 72 per cent in favour
  • Sodexo Fraser Health Authority sites - 73 per cent in favour
  • Sodexo German Canadian - 94 per cent in favour
  • Sodexo Foyer Maillard - 72 per cent in favour
  • Sodexo Central Care Home - 88 per cent in favour
  • Sodexo Shannon Oaks - 75 per cent opposed