Foley’s report expected within week - #5

Bargaining bulletin

Government-appointed mediator to try again to resolve dispute

Paramedical professional job action culminated last week in an agreement to resume mediated talks over the weekend, but on Saturday mediator Brian Foley announced that he had been instructed by the provincial government to prepare non-binding recommendations, which were tentatively scheduled for release today. However, both sides have agreed to an extension.

The unions agreed, along with the employer, to report to their members for a vote after it is released.

Last week rotating job action saw a different group of paramedical professionals off the job from Tuesday through Friday, including HEU’s clinical perfusionists on Thursday. On the weekend all facilities were functioning at essential services levels for paramedical professionals. Job action was suspended as of Monday Jan. 19 pending Foley’s report.

Over the weekend, HEU ran an advertisement in the weekend Sun and Province. “HEU’s paramedical professionals perform important work in the facilities, and often do so under some disadvantageous conditions. We wanted to educate the public about their work and the importance of our bargaining demands,” said Allnutt.