Foley delivers recommendations for paramed settlement - #6

Bargaining bulletin

Meanwhile, registered nurses vote 71% in favour of a new collective agreement.

Mediator Brian Foley released recommendations for settlement of a new paramedical professional contract on Jan. 27.

Member unions of the paramedical bargaining association will consider the report over the next few days before making recommendations to their members, who will vote on them in the near future. The unions suspended all strike activity until after the vote.

The Provincial Executive and HEU’s Provincial Bargaining Committee will review the proposals and make their recommendations on ratification or rejection of the report later this week.

Foley’s report on outstanding issues includes: increasing on-call pay to $2.00 an hour, new levelling provisions, a non-binding process to review job classifications, financial relief on unfunded liabilities of HSA’s LTD plan and new posting provisions.

Also on Jan. 27, the BCNU released the results of the previous day’s vote on their new collective agreement. Registered nurses voted 71 per cent to accept the new contract which contains measures to address workload and improves health and welfare and long term disability benefits.

BCNU president Cathy Ferguson stated that nurses will be implementing a key part of the agreement — the provision of $50 million over three years to hire more full-time registered nurses.

With their new contract, B.C.’s registered nurses have also gained standardization for all RNs, including community nurses who transferred from the public service.

HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt says the new contract bodes well for HEU members. “Registered nurses have reached an agreement that addresses workload as a key issue in our workplaces,” he said. “We look forward to working with the BCNU in making more effective use of the entire nursing team.