Frequently Asked Questions on Bonuses

Bargaining bulletin

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There's a series of Facilities Fact Sheets on the website that should answer most of your questions about the tentative agreement covering HEU members in the facilities sector.

Here's a few additional questions that keep coming up on bonuses -- and some answers.

We'll add more fact sheets and bulletins like this as needed -- so check back occasionally.

Q: Am I eligible for the $500 “past skills enhancement” bonus as well as the $3700 “early signing bonus?”
A: Every member covered by facilities contract is eligible for the “past skills enhancement” bonus on exactly the same terms as the “early signing” bonus. It’s a combined bonus of $4200. Check Facilities Fact Sheet #2 for more details.

Q: Can I get my combined signing bonus deposited in an RRSP?
A: The union requested this of the Health Employers Association of BC but they said it would be too administratively complex. But some local health employers may be willing to accommodate such a request.

Q: What if I retired this year? Will I still receive the combined bonus?
A: You must be an employee on March 31, 2006 to receive the combined bonus. If your last day of work is March 31 and your first day of retirement is April 1, you’ll still receive the combined bonus.

Q: What does “pro-rated” mean when I’m calculating my combined bonus?
A: It’s your straight-time paid hours as a proportion of 1950 hours worked over the last year. If you’re a casual worker who worked 975 hours over that period, for example, you’d be eligible for a combined lump sum payment of $2100.

Q: In the comprehensive report and on Facility Fact Sheet #1, there’s an additional lump sum payment noted for Nursing Unit Assistants (unit coordinators), Buyers, Pharmacy Techs and Lab Assistants (I to IV). Is that in addition to the combined bonus of $4200?
A: Yes.