Frequently Asked Questions on Compensation Improvements

Bargaining bulletin

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There’s a series of Facilities Fact Sheets on the website that should answer most of your questions about the tentative agreement covering HEU members in the facilities sector.

Here are a few additional questions that keep coming up on the general wage increase, special adjustments and other compensations improvements – along with some answers.

We’ll add more fact sheets and bulletins like this as needed – so check back occasionally.

Q: What do you mean by "compounded" and "not compounded"?

A: Compounded refers to the accumulated impact of year over year wage increases.

For example, annual general wage increases (GWI) in the tentative agreement are 1.5%, 2%, 2% and 2.7% for a total of 8.2% – but that’s not compounded.

If you apply the wage increase to a theoretical hourly wage – let’s call it $19 – each annual wage increase is calculated on top of (compounded on) the previously adjusted hourly wage.

That works out to a total increase of $1.61 or 8.5% over the term of the contract – compounded.

Check the printer-friendly version of this bulletin for a table that shows you the calculations.

Q: How are special adjustments calculated in relation to the GWI?

A: Special adjustments (SA) are calculated on top of the GWI in each year.

For example, LPNs will receive 1.5% on top of the GWI in each year of the contract.

That works out to a total – or compounded – increase of 15.1% (as opposed to 14.2% if you just added all the increases together).

Let’s use another example – a Pharmacy Tech II (PC15) – a classification in the group that receives an additional 1% in years 2, 3 and 4.

This classification earns a total increase of 11.7% over the term of the contract. This group also receives an additional lump sum amount in year one that does not affect the hourly wage.

Please see the printer-friendly version of this bulletin for tables that show these calculations.

Q: I see that there are increases to meal, call back and transportation allowances as well as to shift and weekend differentials. What are the increases?

A: The Meal Allowance increases by 71%; Night Shift Differential by 40%; Weekend Premiums by 33% and the Call Back/Transportation Allowance by 18%.

Q: Trades and Power Engineers are receiving special adjustments. Does that mean the $500 TQ premium will end in this contract?

A: No. In fact, it has been extended to include Power Engineers.