Funds for community social services wage increases approved by Treasury Board

Bargaining bulletin

Significant progress made on superior benefits, labour adjustment HEU community social services members have reason to celebrate - Treasury Board met last week and approved the release of funds to the Ministry of Children and Families. Employers are expected to move quickly to complete the required government paperwork so that workers can receive their wage and other monetary increases, including certain RRSP contributions. Other news of note: Residential care worker (RCW) equivalency Recently, the three other unions in community social services - CUPE, HSA and the BCGEU - settled their RCW issues, and news of those settlements has been circulating around the sector. This does not apply to HEU members as the union had resolved RCW equivalency in June, 1999. Superior benefits Using guidelines supplied by arbitrator Don Munroe late last December and early in January, the union and CSSEA have agreed on most outstanding issues around superior benefits. Each local will be advised how the superior benefits settlement will apply to them in the near future. Health Labour Adjustment Agency (HLAA) The joint-union committee, with representatives from HEU, HSA, CUPE and the BCGEU, will soon be signing a contract with the HLAA for the provision of certain programs and services. This is the successful result of several meetings between the joint-union committee, CSSEA on behalf of the agency, and the Ministry of Children and Families. Once the contract is signed, the HLAA will begin sending information about its services to members before the end of the fiscal year (March 31). More information about these and other issues will go out as soon as itís available, so stay in touch with your steward and your local.