Gitanyow and Gitwangak members await LRB ruling to have their union rights recognized

Bargaining bulletin

The Hospital Employees’ Union (CUPE) and our Gitanyow and Gitwangak members are before the federal Labour Relations Board to determine the right of Aboriginal people to organize and be represented by a trade union. Discussions are based on sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Gitanyow and the Gitwangak band councils were former members of the Gitxsan Health Society covered by the HEU collective agreement. They are now separate employers. Workers remain members of HEU. Of the 32 GHS full-time employees, 11 are affected by the recent splintering between the two bands and the society.

The Gitanyow band council has confirmed in writing to HEU that successorship rights are recognized and that the union is the bargaining agent.

The Gitwangak have not entered into any discussions with HEU for a new collective agreement. They have not confirmed nor refuted successorship rights for members.

A decision regarding HEU Gitanyow and Gitwangak members and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is expected from the federal LRB this fall.