Government moves closer to legislation

Bargaining bulletin

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Minister of Labour Graham Bruce has announced that the government plans to move quickly to end the health care strike, now in its fourth day.

The minister’s announcement, made at 1:00 pm after a closed-door meeting with his deputy minister, appears to have paved the way for back-to-work legislation.

Deputy Minister of Labour Lee Doney had earlier said there was “no possibility” of further negotiations between health employers and the HEU.

“We’re disappointed by the deputy minister’s conclusion,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt.

“We believe that legislation is not the answer and that the only way to reach a solution is through a negotiated settlement.

“Given its history of imposed settlements, we have to question the government’s commitment to fair collective bargaining.”

Shortly after the house began sitting at 2:00 pm, Opposition Leader Joy MacPhail tabled a private member’s bill urging an end to contracting out.

This bulletin was issued at 3:30 pm.