Government tables back-to-work legislation

Bargaining bulletin

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Bill 37 imposes deep cuts, no employment security

Attempts to reach a negotiated settlement in the health care sector job action have been quashed by the provincial government with back-to-work legislation introduced late today.

Just before 6:00 pm, the government tabled Bill 37, the Health Sector (Facilities Subsector) Collective Agreement Act.

Labour Minister Graham Bruce, introducing the imposed contract in the legislature, said that wage reductions would amount to 15 per cent and $200 million over two years.

HEU provincial office is currently reviewing copies of the act. It appears to include deep cuts in compensation with no employment security.

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When the B.C. legislature reconvened at 6:45 pm, the government moved to push its back-to-work legislation, Bill 37, through the house. Under Standing Order #81 "on urgent or extraordinary occasions, a bill may be advanced two or more stages in one day."

You can watch Opposition Leader Joy MacPhail and NDP MLA Jenny Kwan debate Bill 37 on the legislative channel in your area (check your local listings)or you can follow the Hansard debate at