Health employers’ latest offer now available on-line

Bargaining bulletin

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Adjustments to the Health Employers’ Association of B.C.’s original concessions demands are now available on-line for HEU members to view in detail.

Talks stalled last week when health employers tabled an offer with more, not less, concessions and refused to put the 2,500 pink slips issued since bargaining began on hold.

Instead, they said they would put a temporary hold on new Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Expressions of Interest for up to seven calendar days only (beginning April 3, 2004). At the same time they introduced a package that seeks across-the-board wage rollbacks of 9.5 per cent, which means additional wage cuts for about 200 classifications. This is on top of the four per cent rollback resulting from a longer work week.

Based on new information provided by health employers to the media and at the bargaining table, HEABC is now seeking $296 million a year in concessions — almost $900 million dollars over a three-year contract.

Health employers have said they’d reduced their concessions package from a 17 per cent rollback on our current collective agreement to a 16 per cent rollback. That reduction of one per cent, employer’s say, is worth $18.5 million. And when you multiply $18.5 million by 16, the new package adds up to a stunning $296 million in total concessions.

The HEABC’s revised concession package includes:
  • a 9.5 per cent wage rollback for everyone, which means new wage cuts of between 27 cents an hour and $3.00 an hour for about 192 classifications;
  • new concessions on Long-Term Disability allowing an LTD claimant’s job to be held open for 12 months only, instead of the 18 months originally proposed; and
  • minor items withdrawn including a vacation rollback for senior employees down to a loss of 10 vacation days, instead of the original 15-day proposal. With these exceptions, most of HEABC’s original 100-page concessions package remains on the table.

Click here for a copy of the Revised Employer Proposal

Click here for a copy of the Proposed Memorandum of Agreement onContract Tendering