HEU’s newest Sodexho members prepare for bargaining

Bargaining bulletin

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HEU’s newest Sodexho members prepare for bargaining


The newly-elected HEU Sodexho bargaining committee — representing more than 350 cleaners employed by the French-based corporation and working at six Fraser Health Authority facilities — met at HEU’s Provincial Office on August 11 to begin preparations for bargaining a first collective agreement.


The committee members had a very productive day reviewing about half of the union’s bargaining proposals currently have on the table for the first group of 1,100 HEU Sodexho members who have been in negotiations since March.


The bargaining committee agreed that the proposal deals with many of the same issues the newer members face including workload, wages, benefits, seniority, job classifications and safety concerns.


The committee is scheduled to meet again on August 18 to review the rest of the proposal.


A membership meeting to discuss the bargaining process will take place within the next two weeks at your worksite. Watch for notices at your facility.


HEU has served Sodexho with notice to bargain for you. Dates have not yet been confirmed.


Bargaining committee members include:

Burnaby General Hospital

  • Paul Oyando
  • Saras Sukh
  • Irene Tate
  • Shelta Chand

Chilliwack General Hospital

  • James E. Walper
  • Melissa Robinson

Royal Columbian Hospital

  • Diane Johnstone
  • Linda Laverty
  • Marlene Long
  • Ken Scott

Fellburn Care Centre

  • Mely Otucan
  • Ruth Rao

Queen’s Park Hospital

  • Erin Fox
  • Maria Bizarro

Surrey Memorial Hospital

  • Linda Mitton
  • Vanna Naido
  • Willy Chua
  • Zenaida Hukon


For more information, contact HEU bargaining director Susan Fisher or HEU servicing representative Della McGaw at 604-438-5000, or call the 24-hour bargaining hotline toll free at 1-800-663-5813, extension 1515, or 604-739-1515 in Vancouver.


August 12, 2005