HEU and Compass reach tentative agreement with help of LRB mediator

Bargaining committee recommends members vote yes to improvements in tentative, mediated agreement with Compass in VIHA
Bargaining bulletin

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On July 6 and 9, bargaining committee members and HEU bargaining representatives met with Compass and Labour Relations Board (LRB) mediator, Grant McArthur. HEU requested the meeting in an effort to address the impasse between the union and the employer.

On July 9, the two parties reached a tentative agreement based on the mediator's recommendations. The bargaining committee is recommending that members vote yes to the revised agreement.

The LRB will be supervising the ratification votes and will distribute a schedule in advance of the dates. There will be voting opportunities at each worksite.

HEU will also be organizing member meetings prior to the vote dates. These are expected to begin within the next two weeks.

Since May, the bargaining committee and HEU staff have met with members and Compass in an effort to address members' concerns and reach a settlement.

The modified agreement includes improvements to benefits, and retroactivity on wages.

  • Details of this revised agreement are available here.

  • The full comprehensive report, including the mediator's recommendations, is available here.