HEU Sodexho food service workers prepare for bargaining a first collective agreement

Bargaining bulletin

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On January 15, more than 50 delegates representing more than 800 Sodexho food services workers from Powell River, the Sunshine Coast, North Vancouver, Vancouver and Richmond gathered at the union’s Provincial Office in Burnaby for their first bargaining conference.

Throughout the day, delegates shared workplace experiences, identified bargaining issues and elected a bargaining committee in preparation for entering into negotiations for a collective agreement.

Delegates identified six key areas to be addressed in bargaining: seniority, workload, wages, benefits, job classification, and occupational health and safety.

Delegates also elected three bargaining committee members — Annamaria Neuls (Kiwanis Care Centre, North Vancouver), Kerry Keller (Powell River Hospital) and Jesse Dick (St. Paul’s Hospital) — and two alternates — Cheng Bock Seet (Lion’s Gate Hospital) and Janice Pois (UBC Hospital) — to work with HEU bargaining spokesperson Susan Fisher.

In preparation for the first round of negotiations, the new committee will meet January 27 and 28 to complete bargaining proposals to give to Sodexho. HEU served Sodexho with notice to bargain in December 2004. Negotiations are expected to begin early in February.

HEU Sodexho members in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority can keep in touch with bargaining developments by going to our website at www.heu.org or calling the union’s bargaining hotline at 604-739-1515 in the Lower Mainland or toll free at 1-800-663-5813 extension 1515.

For more information about bargaining, contact Susan Fisher in the HEU Provincial Office at 604-438-5000 or toll free at 1-800-663-5813.

Sodexho employees who work in food services at more than 30 health care facilities in the VCHA — including Richmond, St. Paul’s, Vancouver and Lion’s Gate hospitals — became HEU members in November 2004 after voting 90 per cent in favour of joining the union.