Labour Board mediator to assist in negotiations with Compass

Bargaining update for HEU members employed by Compass in the Vancouver Island Health Authority
Bargaining bulletin

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The Labour Relations Board (LRB) has appointed mediator Grant McArthur to meet with the HEU bargaining committee and Compass representatives on July 6.

On June 19, HEU applied to the LRB for mediation with Compass. HEU bargaining committee members and bargaining staff will meet in Vancouver with McArthur and the employer, in an effort to negotiate changes to the agreement.

The union is not in an arbitration process, therefore any changes to the tentative agreement that are reached through mediation are still voted on by members.

Compass has said they are not prepared to make any changes or improvements to their existing monetary offer, which was rejected by members in the vote that was counted on May 26. Compass has also advised the union that they intend to apply to the LRB for a “last offer vote” under Section 78 of the Labour Code.

A “last offer vote” would mean that the LRB supervises another membership vote on Compass’ last offer. HEU is hoping that the involvement of a mediator will result in changes to this offer.

The union’s three-month strike mandate was set to expire on June 20. But Compass has agreed to extend the deadline until an LRB supervised “last offer vote” is concluded.

For additional information, please contact your servicing representative, or your bargaining representative David Durning at 1-800-663-5813.

The union will issue a bargaining bulletin update for members, following the July 6 meeting.