Lack of response from D2 Education Services leads to union strike vote

Strike vote scheduled for October 10 after employer refuses to negotiate
Bargaining bulletin

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Talks have broken down between the Hospital Employees’ Union and D2 Education Services after two more days of bargaining led to a dead-end.

“The employer has shown a complete lack of respect for the workers by dragging negotiations on so long,” says bargaining representative Heather Compton. “It is clear to the bargaining committee that a strong strike vote is necessary in order for the employer to get serious about bargaining.”

The parties met on September 19 and 22 to exchange monetary proposals. The union’s package includes improvements to wages, health and welfare benefits, sick leave and shift premiums.

In August, a Labour Relations Board mediator directed both parties back to the bargaining table in an effort to negotiate a first collective agreement. Bargaining began on April 21 when the union tabled its non-monetary proposal. But five months later, the employer has still not responded.

The bargaining committee includes members Suk Thind at Evergreen Cottages, Tammy Yochim at Bear Creek Lodge, and HEU bargaining representative Heather Compton.