Members maintain protest lines in fight against Bill 37

Bargaining bulletin

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HEU seeks amendment to precedent-setting attack on health care workers

HEU’s provincial executive met this morning one hour after royal assent was given to Bill 37, the BC Liberals’ legislative attack on health care workers.

The executive is now asking members to put up protest lines and respect them until further notice.

“Our goal is to get this mean-spirited legislation amended to stop contracting out and the continued firing of front-line health care workers,” says HEU secretary-business manager Chris Allnutt.

The precedent-setting Bill 37, invoked to legislate an end to job action, imposes a contract on health care workers that includes massive wage rollbacks and allows for the continued privatization of health care services.

“This vindictive piece of legislation compounds the injustice this government has inflicted on our membership over the last three years,” says Allnutt.

“It will further deepen the chaos in health care and put the rights of all workers at risk.”

Allnutt says that by protesting Bill 37 HEU members can let the BC Liberals know that we will not tolerate their ongoing refusal to treat health care workers with fairness, justice and respect.

“Support from the community continues to be profound,” he says. “And we want the public to know that our members are providing essential services in hospitals and care homes across the province to minimize any impact on patients and residents while we stand our ground for public health care.”

The HEU provincial executive is encouraging members to stay in touch with their local executives, check the HEU website and call the bargaining hotline for further updates.