Monetary issues in DEYAS negotiations hinge on funding decision from health authority

Bargaining bulletin

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The bargaining team for HEU members working at DEYAS has adjourned their talks with the employer until June 19 when the union’s positions on compensation – tabled on May 7 – will be discussed.

In the meantime, DEYAS will be meeting with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority to determine the level of funding the society will receive to provide services to the community.

HEU and DEYAS have been at the bargaining table since April 18 and held their most recent meeting on May 28.

During those negotiating sessions, the two sides have come to agreement on a number of important non-monetary issues including:

  • Resolution on the accumulation of seniority and a process to base seniority on hours worked rather than start date;
  • Strengthening job description language including a method for discussing and resolving potential disputes over new jobs or changes to jobs, and
  • Providing members access to either an internal harassment complaints process, or an external process using a Complaints Investigator agreed to by the union and the employer.

There are about 30 HEU members working at DEYAS providing a range of services in the needle exchange, youth detox, youth support and HIV/AIDS outreach work.