Monetary proposals to come to the table in Sodexho bargaining

Bargaining bulletin

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The HEU Sodexho bargaining committee has been meeting and will finalize monetary proposals next week before entering another round of negotiations for first collective agreements May 4 — 6.

HEU secretary-business manager Judy Darcy says that the progress made so far is very good and most non-monetary items have been agreed to.

“The strength of our members and of their bargaining committee has made all the difference in negotiations,” says Darcy. “And the excellent work they all did last week on the workload survey and petition means we can provide up-to-date information as we tackle workload issues.”

After tabling monetary proposals, the HEU Sodexho bargaining committee members will be at worksites with the “Sodexho workers deserve fair wages” postcard campaign.

HEU’s two new Sodexho certifications — Rosewood Manor in Richmond and Central Care Home in Victoria — either have elected or will soon elect their representatives to the bargaining committee. They’ll join the following bargaining committee members:

  • Kelly Edmiston, Sandy Poulin and Larry Maralia, Central Care Home
  • Donna Taluinas and Patricia Peardon, Eagle Ridge Hospital (FHA)
  • Gurmeet Ghuman and Joanne Bjornsson, Foyer Maillard (FHA)
  • Amarjeet Kaur Parmar, Ravinder Biring and Mila Villariez, German Canadian Care Home (VCHA)
  • Annamaria Neuls, North Vancouver’s Kiwanis Care Centre (VCHA)
  • Cheng Bock Seet, Lions Gate Hospital (VCHA)
  • Betty Gower, Mission Memorial Hospital (FHA)
  • Yvonne Halvorson and Dennis McSween, MSA Hospital (FHA)
  • Kerry Keller, Powell River General Hospital (VCHA)
  • Janice Pors, UBC Hospital (VCHA)