Negotiations scheduled for NSAMH

Bargaining bulletin

HEU, BCNU optimistic about talks for first collective agreement The Hospital Employees’ Union and the B.C. Nurses’ Union, the two unions representing workers at the North Shore Association for the Mentally Handicapped, and the Community Social Services Employers’ Association have scheduled two rounds of bargaining for September 28-29 and October 12-13. The unions are optimistic that a tentative first collective agreement could come out of these talks. HEU and the BCNU had met unsuccessfully with CSSEA in May and as a result made a referral to mediator Don Munroe to secure a contract. (Munroe was the mediator for Community Social Services sector bargaining in 1999 and wrote the recommendations that formed the basis of the Standard Community Social Services Collective Agreement.) However, the unions reconsidered and withdrew their referral because BCNU had not been party to the Munroe recommendations. All members are encouraged to attend the upcoming local meeting for further information on bargaining.